Can't Figure Out Why Your Car Is Driving Abnormally?

Can't Figure Out Why Your Car Is Driving Abnormally?

Ask the pros at Rick's Auto Experts if you need suspension repair in St. Johns, MI

If your normally smooth ride is feeling bumpier than usual, chances are there's something wrong with your car's suspension. Rick's Auto Experts can give you an expert opinion. Should you need suspension repair, we'll repair or replace the faulty component. Should we find another cause, we'll discuss your options so you can make informed decisions.

Either way, you'll appreciate our honest and efficient work. Contact Rick's Auto Experts today to speak with a suspension repair specialist in St. Johns, Michigan.

3 signs you need power steering repair

You might need power steering repair if you’ve noticed…

  1. Unusual noises when you turn the steering wheel
  2. Your steering wheel feels stiff or responds slowly
  3. Power steering fluid leaking underneath your car

Don’t wait another day to visit our shop in St. Johns, MI. Contact Rick’s Auto Experts right away to schedule power steering repair.