Don't Wait to Repair or Replace Your Brakes

Don't Wait to Repair or Replace Your Brakes

Schedule car brake repair in St. Johns, MI

Do you hear a squealing sound when you apply the brakes? Does your car vibrate when you apply the brakes? You might need car brake repair-visit Rick's Auto Experts in St. Johns, Michigan.

Our seasoned crew can fix or replace all kinds of braking components, including brake pads and electronic sensors. Contact us today to make a car brake repair appointment.

When should you replace your brakes?

It goes without saying that worn or faulty brakes pose a safety hazard, do not wait until the last mile to schedule an auto brake replacement. It's a smart idea to replace your brakes...

  • When the brake warning light turns on
  • When your brakes make a squealing or scraping noise

Rick's Auto Experts is a full-service auto and lite truck repair shop that specializes in brake replacement. Call 989-224-9367 today to make an appointment.